Lead Generation

Lead generation is the key point in digital marketing . It is grabing the ideal traffic to our online media and getting them interact with us.Quality leads can give us more business .


CRO is the execution of how our lead is getting converted into the buyer. This can lead us to know more about our customer behaviour and checking where we are lacking and making improvement in our campigns and services.

High Revenue

As increased traffic can increase the leads and their conversion can leads to generate high revenue. Revenue generation is the final process of our all the marketing efforts . This is going to happen when our targeted customers have made purhase or served .

Digital Marketing?

Digitalera Consulting is the Digital Marketing Company located in Pune which provides digital marketing and social media advertising services to the various types of businesses to set up their brand in the online world.

Digital Marketing is the best way for making brand awareness because it has all the activities that we perform on the internet such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing and so many.

By using these tactics we can promote our brand on various channels and so that we can attract the customers on our website or online store and so we can check their online behavior which is most important for our next step in the marketing.

Digital marketing has the global reach so we have our brand reached worldwide not only in the respective country. This can lead to an increase in the customers globally and hence generating high revenue from it. Therefore in this competitive world if we want our brand to get well known we must have built our good online reputation. And hence we can have local to worldwide customers to serve.

Once we have good traffic on our website then we can selectively target the actual customers. Digital marketing makes simpler to track the customer journey and effective use of campaigns make them convert into an ideal buyer. Our goal is to engage the customers and let them interact with us and therefore we can provide  24/7 assistance to feel them supported.